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Cooking with CBD

A product with surging popularity among UK citizens is the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) found in hemp plants, which are widely known to have anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and stress reduction properties. Over-the-counter products such as tablets or capsules are among people’s options through reliable and authorized CBD shops. But among its wide variety is the use of CBD in the food industry permeated in the form of gummies and pastries, as well as food found in commercial cooking.

People who prefer CBD in their meals find it more appealing to the taste buds than ingesting it sublingually like hemp oil sprays due to its aftertaste. It is why some consumers go after CBD oil because it can go well with home cooked meals that can cancel its earthy taste, especially when flavor-infused CBD oil products are present to match food cravings. Aside from the fact that cooking with cannabidiol allows the masking of its taste, the digestion of the infused food contributes to a higher and better effect in nutrient absorption that can last from two to four times longer than other available products found in stores.

Like other cooking oils, one would like to try for the first time; it is advised that customers start with a small amount of 10mg of CBD oil in cooking because people’s body reacts differently upon initial use. Thus, the gradual increase or decrease in including the oil in cooking, baking, or preparing salads.

For more information on CBD oil use in home cooked meals, check out this infographic by Love CBD.


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