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5 Tips To Grow And Use Elderberries

While not many gardens may know elderberries in the USA, they are pretty popular in England. They are also still widely used by Native Americans. If you see elderberry plants for sale, Lindale, texas, you may want to consider purchasing them. They grow best in areas 3 to 10 which is the perfect climate if you live in the USA or in most of Europe.

Know why you need them

While they are pretty, they can take up most of your garden if you live in the suburbs. Elderberries are classified as tall shrubs although if you trim their shoots and work from a central trunk, they can look like trees. The berries of elderberries are known to treat digestive problems, improving lung health, boosting immunity and so on. Since the elderberry can grow up to 20 feet tall and 12 feet wide, you need to know whether or not this plant is a worthy investment of your garden space.

Know how to prepare it

While elderberry plants for sale, Lindale, Texas could have plenty of medicinal uses and grows pretty easily, this plant which belongs to the Sambucus family can also be toxic. For now, only the berries and the flowers are known to be edible, and they are not usually eaten raw. They need to be cooked to be taken like blueberries.

Jam preparation

You may enjoy elderberries as jam spread, but you must know how to cook them well. On their own, they are not quite as tasty as blueberries and raspberries but they do make for good jam spreads. This is also the best form to eat them in if you want to take advantage of their medicinal benefits. It’s a good way to preserve the fruits as well.

Ideal soil

While elderberries are hardy plants that could grow well in almost any soil with a fair amount of shade, you should plant elderberry plants for sale, Lindale, Texas on loamy soil that holds plenty of water on spots that receive sunlight fairly well. This plant thrives on sun and water, so it’s a good idea to irrigate it frequently during the summer months.


If you are planting more than one elderberry plant in your garden, it’s good to keep these shrubs at least one yard apart. This way, their roots won’t get entangled and there is a fair amount of nutrients for each plant. Mulch your soil regularly because they prefer soil that is rich with plenty of organic matter.


A fully matured elderberry plant can give you 12 to 15 pounds of berries. This makes for a good amount which could be turned into jam and wine. Elderberries are very good ingredients for wine. As a matter of fact, they make some of the best berry wine variants.

Sifting through berries

Not all the berries you harvest from your elderberry plant could be eaten. To make sure you are only consuming the best parts, remove all the stems and leaves. Let them sink in a bucket of water. Only use berries that sink to the bottom because the ones that float are not good to eat anymore.

If you are looking for beautiful elderberry plants for sale, Lindale, texas, check out what we have for you at Bob Wells Nursery. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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