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Different Kinds of Craft Beer in Cronulla

Each person has their preferences over the taste of craft beer. A certain craft beer brewery, though, may not offer the alcoholic beverage of your choice. Such a situation may be the reason why you may visit many beer breweries within a short period of time. Below are the different kinds of craft beer that are likely available in different breweries you may visit:

1. Pale ale craft beer

Pale ale craft beer yields a light or golden color, and is generally not excessively strong in taste. When served in a craft beer brewery, its flavor can range from crisp, fruity, to malty with traces of bitterness at the last drop. Pale ale is one of the famous beer variants in Australia. So, it’s easily accessible in several parts of the country.

2. Wheat beer

Wheat beer has fewer alcohol content in it in comparison to other kinds of craft beer. However, when served in a craft beer brewery, the strength in its taste may still be different from time to time, depending on the means it has been brewed. Wheat beer has a spicy aftertaste. With this said, it’s usually known to emit more refreshing taste than beer of different kinds. A mix of sweet aftertaste, though, is present in wheat beer.

3. Stouts beer

People usually enjoy stouts beer during winter months. They emit extreme darkness in color, and tastes extremely bitter. This craft beer in Cronulla has higher alcohol component. Tasty flavored liquid components, such as coffee and whiskey are frequently thrown in the mix at some point of the manufacturing stage of this craft beer. As such, stouts beer’s flavor stands out in craft breweries.

4. Chocolate beer

Multiple flavor variants of this type of craft beer emanate an extraordinary flavor twist for a classic beer variant. Chocolate craft beer brewed at a brewer near me emanates rich and sweet flavors, while likewise comprise of malt components, such as wheats, oats, or rye.

5. Citrus beer

Acidity taste in craft beer is present in citrus flavored beer. This beer variant is usually made of staples, such as hops, barley, and yeast. It’s refreshing flavor dominates in taste through the inclusion of citrus flavor in the final product. At times, additional flavors of grapefruit juice and orange peel are included in the manufacture of final product of citrus beer. These flavors add interesting tastes to citrus craft beer.


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