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People visit different places for several reasons. Some want to relax and have a great view of beautiful sights. Some would like to experience new cultures. Whatever your goals are, it is likely that you will get tired and hungry. Looking for places where you can have a sumptuous meal is difficult if you are new to an area. Travelling is fun but eating while travelling is more fun. Bbq meats are one of the top favourites of tourists. If you are wondering where to have the best BBQ meats in Melbourne, you should check the ones below.


This one is a basement restaurant and bar that offers a load of good drinks and select cuts of meat. You may notice that meat is their bestseller. Their diverse menu is suitable for everyone, not only for meat-lovers. They even have a vegetarian set menu for those who do not eat meat. The place accepts reservations, but you can also try and visit them without one. One of the best features of their meat is that they dry-age select cuts. Dry-ageing causes shrinkage. The moisture loss results in giving it a more concentrated and rich flavour. This kind of meat will provide you with an extraordinary experience you will never forget. You can visit them at 195 Little Collins Street, Basement, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They also accept reservations and entertain concerns if you contact them at 0390787747.

Wagyu One

Wagyu is highly-priced meat that is very tender and has a buttery soft flavour. The rich flavour is due to the intense, fat marbling in the meat. It will melt in your mouth and give you an excellent feeling. Wagyu One is a Japanese BBQ restaurant located at 122 Bourke St., Melbourne. Wagyu One is proud of its wagyu meats cooked into perfection, and steak dominates the menu. They also have delectable sashimi dishes and a hot-pot style Shabu-Shabu. You can call them at 0396397198.


You can enjoy various meaty goodness at this smokehouse restaurant, bar & grill. The place offers slow-roasted, braised, and smoked meat. They also have an impressive menu for seafood lovers and vegetarians. You can end your dining experience by indulging in their delicious desserts. Their cocktails, curated Australian wines, spirits, and beers go well with their dishes. The place has a steampunk sensibility of contemporary design that fits their menu. You can visit this 1930s garage at 28-30 Ross St., South Melbourne, Victoria. For inquiries, you can reach them at 0390415727.

Barbecue in Melbourne is often a mishmash of styles. The important thing that matters is the quality of meat and that you should cook it low and slow in a proper smoker. A charred, delicious, and flavour some meat is what everyone looks for in barbecues.


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