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What’s the Difference Between A Vineyard and Winery?

When it comes to describing their products, top wine producers often use the terms vineyard and winery. However, they are not the same thing. Would you like to know the difference between vineyard and winery? 

What does Vineyard mean?

A vineyard is where the grapes are planted. A vineyard can be as small as an acre or as large as a big estate exclusively used for planting and growing grapevines for making wines. 

In addition to wines, grapevines can be also used to produce other grape products such as table grapes and raisins. 

What is a Winery?

A winery is the facility where wines are made. A winery can be a large production facility that has several barrels or tanks for storing and shipping wine, automated bottling machines, and quality assurance laboratories. Wineries can also be small and intimate, where the production pace is relatively slower and wines are produced by hand. 

There are several different types of wineries:

  • Destination winery
  • Venue winery
  • Urban winery
  • Farm winery
  • Vineyard winery

Vineyard vs. Winery: What is the Difference?

Both vineyards and wineries are components for making wine. A winery is a facility where grapes are processed in order to become wine, whereas as a vineyard is the area used for the planting of grape-bearing vines which are used in making wine. 

Wineries are not always in the same place as the vineyards. In fact, many wineries process grapes from various vineyards. 

When the wine is categorized by vineyard, it usually indicates that the vineyard and winery are in the same place and the wine is made by the owners of the property. But if it’s labeled as the winery, that typically means that the grapes are sourced from various vineyards. 


Whatever the kind of wine you’re planning on buying, the quality doesn’t necessarily depend on whether it’s from a winery or a vineyard. The best wine will be the one you enjoy the most! 


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