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Things to Consider When Serving Food at a Funeral

Traditionally, family and friends bring food to the funeral of someone who is suffering from a loss. This is because a lot of people are expected to attend the funeral. Also, the ones that were left behind have no more energy to prepare for food. As they are in mourning, they can no longer take care of themselves.

As close family, friends, neighbors, and relatives, it is only expected to give food as a means to say “we care for you” and “we feel your pain”. If you have no time to cook yourselves, you can also look into funeral food catering options and maybe pitch in with a group of other people for the expenses.

While the funeral may not be an event that is celebratory, food can be a source of great comfort for the bereaved. As a matter of fact, comfort food is a must in funerals and below are a few of the most popular choices.

Easy snacks

Anything easy to snack on would be appropriate. Sandwiches, pickles and dip, chips and other finger foods would be a good option. In fact, you could prepare a grazing corner for both visitors at the funeral and for the mourning relatives. They might not think they are hungry, but these easy to eat morsels can give them enough sustenance during this difficult time. Some funeral food catering companies can also provide this grazing table.

Slow-cooked food

Grief is easier if there is a pot of chicken or pot roast on the table. The good thing about these comfort foods is that it can be recycled into another meal the next day. It’s very filling so if you are expecting a good amount of guests for the day, you have something to serve. It’s also emotionally uplifting to eat something homey and warm when you are suffering from a loss. The only downside to slow-cooked food during a funeral is it doesn’t taste so great when it’s no longer warm. The cream content of this meal might also make refrigeration necessary after a few hours. Check the venue of the gathering first and make sure there’s a microwave and a ref before bringing too much casserole or roast to the funeral.

Baked Ziti

Baked Ziti is also a good dish to assemble, leave to cook in the oven, and bring to a funeral of a close friend or relative. It’s one of the most popular comfort foods and is well-loved by most. The ziti is also less overwhelming and manageable to eat compared to other past variants like spaghetti. Imagine how devastated your loved one might be over the loss. Most likely, it’s quite difficult to eat. Small servings of this pasta dish can be eaten a little at a time. It can be reheated using a microwave or eaten cold. It’s also easy to pack up and clean up after the funeral.

Chocolate Pie

Anything chocolate is a good thing to add to the comfort food items during a funeral. It is once again something that most people like. Just make sure that you also bring a knife for slicing and paper plates for easy serving. If you can’t make this yourself, you can also have a dessert corner catered to the funeral. Sweets are always great at softening the blow of loss.

If you are looking for funeral food catering, our team at Saint Germain Catering can help you provide good food to family and friends joining you during such difficult times. Contact us today.


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