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Things to Consider When Buying Baby Formula

Babies are delicate; hence it is important to feed them with the standard amount of nutrients to aid in their healthy growth.

Baby formula types vary, thus it can be tricky to choose the right one for your baby

Breastfeeding mothers understand the need for supplementing breast milk with a baby formula especially when they aren’t with their babies always.

When choosing a baby formula, it is crucial to choose the right standards and nutritional needs for the baby. Hence before you buy the next lactogen (แล็คโตเย่น, which is the term in Thai), here are the important things to consider:

Nutritional Value

The nutritional value for babies aged six months and under should be correctly administered.

Excessive protein intake, for example, could cause obesity. Infants aged 6 months and under need 10 Grams of protein per day and baby formulas have varied protein content; hence be sure to opt with a formula that contains the right protein count per 100 ml. The same goes for carbohydrates which are the chief source of energy for every baby because they aid in babies’ development and growth. Carbohydrates should be given in the right amount (95 grams of carbohydrates per day)to help regulate body weight and growth for the baby.

Financial Status

Consider your financial status before choosing your baby’s formula. Homemade baby formula is the most economical type of formula, and if you’re not buoyant to purchase expensive baby formulas, a well-nourished and healthy homemade baby formula can suffice.


Allergies are mostly genetic; thus your baby is most likely to have similar allergies from your family history. Hydrolyzed formulas are recommended in such cases because they digest easily and are less likely to result in allergic reactions.


Using different baby formula types is not advisable; it might interfere with the baby’s digestion and can result in allergies. Hence it is important to choose a baby formula based on its availability.


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