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The Right Amount of Food Required For The Event – How to Decide?

For the party host, the quantity of catering is the most common concern. For a fact there is no perfect way to formulate how much drinks and food is the right amount, instead, you can employ some guidelines. 

You need to have a good Party catering service Remember that there are a number of factors that work. With AMFCP you can get all that you want. They are great at their work and have amazing helping hand to serve you the best.

Here is a list that can affect your catering requirements for the event:

  • List of guests.
  • Are all grownups or kids are attending too
  • The overall menu.
  • The kind of food being offered.
  • The type of event
  • The style of guests.

The hour of the party is also necessary. Guests do eat and drink more in the night hour when compared to the day. It is common that the young people eat lesser than adults. Adolescent girls have a tendency to pick their food rather than eat heartfully, especially when their peers are around. If the crowd around is into sports they eat well.

If the time for catering is within an hour, you need to consider if you have enough time to serve the food for a meal or if it is just going to be a cup of tea, drinks before the food or light finger food. Make sure that guests have an idea of what is going to be served, as few may be expecting a meal. 

Guidelines for planning catering

  • Decide what food item will be consumed more and provide that in large amount.
  • The more you order the less of each is required.
  • For the cocktail party catering Perth provide good items throughout the hour.
  • Don’t repeat familiar dishes.
  • Offer hot and cold food.

To have a great party, food needs to be great. Make sure that you plan well with the caterers to make your event the best.


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