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Popular Spices And Other Flavourings For Coffee

Many people love a cup of plain, black coffee with no sugar or other extra flavourings added. However, there are those who want to explore all possibilities when it comes to their morning coffee. Cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, anise, ginger and other added flavours can make for an interesting a cup of coffee. Spices, roots and herbs infuse complex flavours for people who want to try new things. In its basic form, your cup of coffee made with organic coffee capsules is enough to stimulate your taste buds, but when aromatic volatile compounds are added, the overall flavour of coffee will be enhanced greatly.

It takes careful decision to avoid altering the original flavour of coffee too much and, while spices can be added during the roasting process, it’s more common to add extra flavours during or after brewing. Spices can even be used to mask excessive bitterness of some varieties of coffee.

Let’s take a look at some popular spices and other flavourings we often use for coffee:

Cinnamon- a small stick of cinnamon in your cup could absorb excessive oils and infuse a gentle amount of flavour to mask the bitterness.

Cloves- add cloves if you want a rich, earthy overtone, pleasant scent and woody flavours.

Cardamom- gahwa or coffee with cardamom is popular in Saudi Arabia and it’s a symbol of hospitability. To make a proper gahwa, you need to ground green cardamom pod seeds and green coffee beans. Ground cloves, saffron and sweetener could be added depending on personal preferences. It’s boiled for a few minutes and strained before served.

Anise- anise gives licorice-like scent and flavour to your cup of coffee. It is also a great spice to mask the bitterness of some coffee varieties.

Nutmeg- nutmeg and cloves are often combined to create a real cup of goodness that’s sweet and smooth.

Vanilla- vanilla has subtle flavour and sweet scent. A perfect blend of coffee, vanilla and milk is ideal for people who dislike the strong bitterness of some coffee blends.

Ginger- a cup of thin coffee with ginger could rejuvenate your body and provide warmth to internal organs.

Honey- plain, neutral-tasting honey is a good alternative to sugar with its better nutritional content. Clover honey is preferred to give coffee a subtle clover flavour.

Different coffee varieties and blends could further enhance the complex flavour profile of your coffee. With the right brewing method and compostable coffee pods from Novell Coffee Trade, it is possible to make certain flavours to stand out. Full cream milk, low fat milk, cream and soymilk are useful if you want less caffeine and less bitterness.

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