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How to host a paint and sip party?

The paint and sip party has become very popular nowadays. It is a good way to relax and be creative at the same time while having fun with your friends or even with strangers and making new friends.

Many companies are offering their services in arranging these parties. However, many people are curious about knowing,” How to host a paint and sip party at your home?” 

So, if you too are interested in knowing about hosting such a party at your home read through the article till the end. 

Select your invites for the party

First and foremost, you need to decide who would be the invites at the party. This will help you in estimating the material for the party based on the number of guests and their preference in snacks, drinks, and the painting.

Invite every guest formally to the event, informing about the time, date, and any other requirement like BYOB or dress code, if any.

Arrange for the material

Once you have taken an estimate of the required material based on the guests attending the party, the next important activity is to arrange for the material.

Select the wine

As a thumb rule have two bottles of wine for every three guests. However, do have a minimum of one variety each of red, white, and rose wines.

Also arrange for a lot of water and some non-beverage drink like fruit juice, lemonade, tea or coffee, etc.

Choose matching food

Most of the sip and paint parties are BYOB, however, if you are arranging for the snacks you can have an assortment of crackers, fruits, freshly chopped veggies, dark chocolates, chips, or pizza, etc. For a BYOB arrangement also, you can suggest your guests bring different varieties of snacks and share with others.

Choose the painting

Either you arrange for a painting instructor or get a kit for the party. Many sip-and-paint kits are available online. Besides, you can make it on your own by taking some learning tips through online tutorials. Or, you can buy pre-drawn canvases for the event. Just keep in mind the type of invites while selecting the painting. It shouldn’t be too tricky to paint.

Arrange the Paint Material

Arrange for the easels, paints, paintbrushes, palettes, disposable cups, and paper towels, etc. Besides, arrange for the table cloths to cover the working table, aprons, and water for rinsing brushes.

Arrange and set up basic Material

Arrange essential items like tables, chairs, glasses, disposable plates and cups, and a good quality music system. Set up everything well before the start time of the event time. 

Final Words 

So, this is all you require to arrange to host a paint and sip party. We hope this information was helpful to you in arranging such a party at home.


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