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Healthy Living – Why Should Pets Be Left Out? 

If you have made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle in 2020 why should your canine companion be left out? Your furry friend may not be able to verbalise that they would appreciate a healthier and more varied diet – but they will thank you in other ways. A wagging take and a run in the park, where they will enjoy their new, svelte lease on life. And there is no reason that homemade dog food recipes need to be complex – they just need to take into account that your faithful hound has different dietary requirements to their two-legged companions. A dog is part of the family. It rewards great care and love with uncomplicated adoration – so if you are prepared to go that extra mile then there are a few great, tasty, nutritious meal recipes that your pup will love and that you would be barking mad not to try (in fact some can be shared between you and your canine companion – they’re just that good.

  1. Salmon Delight.

This is one of those recipes that you and your hound can both enjoy. there’s another bonus – the Salmon skin when baked makes a healthy, organic snack that your dog will love (it’s high in Omega Fatty Acids which is great for heart health).

The recipe is so simple it can be prepared in next to no time – giving you more quality time to interact with your best friend. The ingredients are ultra simple. Two tablespoons of the best olive oil you can find, 2 Salmon fillets with the skin on, one squash and a healthy portion of broccoli. Add a handful of new potatoes and some baby carrots. 

Peel the carrots, remove the broccoli stem and dice the squash (keep all the shavings – doggos are not fussy). Steam in a rice cooker or bake in the oven. Air fry potato shavings and pan fry the Salmon. It’s that simple. Serve in his or her favourite dog dish. The recipe for you is basically similar- but you will be enjoying the diced veggies, not the shavings. Delicious, nutritious and low fat.

  1. Old School Approach.

This is a recipe that has stood the test of time – and for good reason dogs of all breeds love it. The ingredients are once again very simple – and will not break the bank. 

You are going to need veggies (canned peas, Zucchini and carrots), brown rice and Turkey. It’s also great because it is perfect for freezing into easy to use meals. Freeze it and simply microwave as needed. Cook the rice as would any brown rice. Prepare (brown) the Turkey (use a slow cooker or simply add to tablespoons of Olive Oil to a pan). Mix together all the ingredients (freezing what you are not going to use immediately) and prepare for tail wags galore. There are other variants of this great recipe that make use of a slow cooker. You can substitute ground beef (mincemeat) – but keep it lean and add any veggies of your choice.

These are only two recipes that will keep your faithful four-legged friend in great shape. There are hundreds more on the Internet with the best dog food in UK. This great U.K. company has dog and cat food bundles that will keep both felines and canines in great shape. So if you want to have a cheat day – and simply enjoy food packs that are specially formulated for health and nutrition – then give them a call.


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