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Chex Muddy Buddies: A Breif History

If you are looking for an easy treat to enjoy or sweet snack to make that even your children can help with, look no further than a Chex muddy buddies recipe. This delicious snack is made by simple ingredients including melted butter, peanut butter, and chocolate chips over Chex cereal; you will then follow to mix them then well, and finally dump this mixture into a bag full of powdered sugary goodness. I have met very few that do not eat muddy buddies by the handful. Being such an easy recipe, these can be made with your whole family or in bulk for the next big gathering.

Although this recipe can go by many names such as puppy chow, reindeer chow, or even monkey munch, it’s most commonly referred to as Chex muddy buddies. Now this delightful treat is the perfect party food as it has all the right elements such as sweet, salty, crunchy, and the right amount of messy for you to use as an excuse to head to the restroom to wash your hands to get out of an awkward conversation.

One might believe that given its similar appearance to kibble, one of its most common names for the recipe, puppy chow, comes from the dish’s physical qualities, but though the history of Chex muddy buddies is murky, its dog food ties are strong.

A little history on the beginnings of muddy buddies’ main ingredient comes after arriving on the market in 1937, Chex cereal was made by the Ralston Purina company. The very same that makes dog food. Purina had adopted the name “chow” for its animal feed after World War One soldiers had called their rations by the very same name. Although the company started as a horse-feed company, it grew into making dog and cat chow and cereal. Though the name Chex did not immediately catch on.

General Mills, who currently owns and produces Chex cereal since 1992, claims that the recipe was developed back in 2002, followed by making pre-packaged versions of Chex muddy buddies seasonally in 2009, and became a year-round product in 2011. Though you may be surprised to find people have been making some version or another of the muddy buddies recipe for years before that. Some can even pull out recipe books from the sixties containing the steps to make this magical treat.

Next time you are looking for a sweet and salty treat to bake to spend some quality time with your family or need something easy and quick to make for the next big gathering or event, look no further than a muddy buddies recipe.

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