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A Brilliant and Easy to Make Nescafe Gold Coffee Recipe for All

Coffee is something that helps you start your day with newfound energy. Coffee has always been a go-to beverage for a lot of people. You would find coffee in various blends depending on what people prefer. Some prefer to brew their coffees at home while some go for instant powders. Nescafe Gold (เนสกาแฟ โกลด์, which is the term in Thai) has always been the go-to coffee brand for a lot of people for years now. 

This is the premium coffee, golden flake. And it contains a mixture of premium Arabica coffee beans. Therefore, the taste of the coffee is smooth and would give you the taste of freshly grounded coffee. The unique fragrance of the coffee would provide you with the true aesthetics of drinking a good blend of coffee. 

Nescafe Gold is a type of coffee that undergoes freeze-dries production which would stand for using cold to help produce coffee which would remain the same in taste but for a longer period. The aroma of the coffee stays intact as well helping you enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee every morning and have a great start to your day. 

You could have coffee in various ways like black coffee, cappuccino, mocha, milk coffee; people consume coffee in different ways all over the world. While some would love to add cream to their coffee, some prefer it as it is that is black. You could brew Nescafe Gold in a variety of ways, both cold and hot and the shelf life of this coffee is approximately 24 months which would be two years. 

Here get an amazing recipe of Nescafe Gold iced coffee mocha that could be serviced to friends and family. The preparation time for this is 7 minutes while it would take just a few minutes to serve and it could easily serve 4 people. And to make it a more indulgent version, you could top it off with a dollop of thick cream and after that sprinkle chocolate chips or you could even go for chocolate sauce.    


  • 1 tablespoon Nescafe Gold 

  • 1 milk

  • 80g drinking chocolate powder 

  • chocolate flakes or curls

Step1: In a heatproof jug, first put the coffee and then 160ml hot water. Again stir it in 125 ml cold water and then put it in a freezer so that it could get frozen.

Step 2: Then take a saucepan and then heat the milk but just warm it up (no more than 40 degrees Celsius). Add the chocolate powder, remove it from heat, and go on stirring it until the powder dissolves. 

Step 3: Add the ice cubes in serving glasses and then pour the milk. And then on top of that add chocolate flakes. Serve 

Thus, this is an extreme recipe which you could make with Nescafe Gold and would be a great addition for your evening chat with friends or family. 


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