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10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Welsh Craft Beer

Wales has got its own craft beer scene, which really started taking off in the early 2000s when microbreweries began to open up all over the country. Here are ten great reasons why you should drink craft beer  made in Wales, and how this movement has helped Welsh people keep close to their roots while still enjoying quality strong  welsh beer that isn’t made by one of the big multinational corporations.

1) Taste

Brewing craft beer is all about taste. While many strong welsh beers are pale ales and India Pale Ales, there are a multitude of other types to choose from. In fact, if you’re looking for something really unique and high quality, you should look into Welsh beer. Wales is home to a number of breweries making some truly outstanding beers that are light years ahead of any microbrewery we can think of

2) Variety

Craft beers are made by small, independent brewers who work hard to create rich, unique flavours that big microbreweries just can’t achieve in their large breweries. With an abundance of creative options and range of styles at your disposal you’re sure to find a delicious brew that suits your taste. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer fruity Belgians or hoppy ales—you’ll find something here for every palate.

3) Support Your Local Economy

Since craft beer is made by local and independent brewers, every time you buy a bottle of craft beer, you’re helping support your local economy. So not only are you getting a superior product, but you’re contributing to your local community.

4) Creativity

Beer has been around for centuries, but craft beer is a comparatively new phenomenon—which gives today’s beer creators a lot of room to play with it. Many big brewers stick to tried-and-true formulas, and while that’s an approach you can respect (if not necessarily admire), there’s also something to be said for taking risks.

5) Availability

Craft beer has been available in Wales for a number of years now, but it is only recently that it’s started to gain popularity. It’s also become much easier to get hold of, as more pubs stock craft beers and you can even buy them in petrol stations! So if you haven’t tried craft beer yet – what are you waiting for?

6) Friendships

When your brewer is also a member of a local club or organisation and you get to meet new people, it’s another great way to enhance your experience of drinking craft beer. There are plenty of organisations out there that will welcome you with open arms – many will offer great perks and discounts on drinks at their events – while others might just offer camaraderie and fun. Welsh beer festivals are also another way to make friends from around Wales and beyond.

7) Sustainability

Sustainability is an important part of a sustainable business, and craft breweries know that they can’t afford to waste anything. Every step in a beer’s journey from grain to glass contributes to environmental impact, so why not make each one as sustainable as possible? Craft brewers are proud of their sustainability, and in some cases have even received awards for their efforts.

8) Authenticity

When you drink craft beer, you’re supporting independent brewers and their passion. They love what they do, and it shows in their product; it’s practically impossible to create rich flavours with stale ingredients. Because craft beer is produced by so few people, there’s also a stronger emphasis on quality control than in microbreweries where there are thousands of workers producing hundreds of thousands of barrels per year.

9) Freshness

The fresher your beer, the better it will taste. Most craft beers are made in smaller breweries where they have less control over temperature and light exposure. This leads to a greater risk of damage to essential flavours, making some styles like IPAs unsuitable for ageing. The best-kept bottles of craft beer are only a few weeks old, which means that by using them, you’re experiencing them as close to their ‘best before’ date as possible.

10) New Experiences

One of the best parts about drinking craft beer is its ability to introduce you to new flavours and experiences. With so many independent brewers there is always something new, exciting and completely different from what you’ve tried before. Welsh beer is unique to Wales in that not only does it feature truly amazing tastes but also uses local ingredients that wouldn’t be available anywhere else in Europe. So next time you want a cold one, grab yourself some Welsh beer!


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